Create simple and complex shapes with the drag-n-drop constructor on QForm. Use all the features even with a limited Tilde rate. The ease of use and intuitive interface allow you to work with the service without development skills. Assemble the form, copy the code and paste it anywhere on the site.

Examples of forms, questionnaires and forms

The QForm service has:

  • Email and messenger notifications
  • Decoration and design
  • Goals for analytics
  • Connecting external systems
  • Data validation and more

Making a form for the Tilda website

Place forms and work without restrictions, regardless of the tariff plan.

To do this:

Register on the service and add your website

Create a form and give it a name. It only appears in QForm

Go to design mode, add and configure field types:

Drag and drop the “Name”, “E-mail” fields. Make them mandatory

Place the “Date” field and in the settings specify the minimum and maximum values
Set up design, field validation, anti-captcha, etc.

Go to the “Embed Code” tab

Copy the DIV to set up the form and the script to call it

To place a form on Tilda, open the editing mode and create a section by clicking on the “+” button.

In the list of blocks, go down to the “Other” section and select “HTML code”
Click on the "Content" menu and in the "HTML CODE / WIDGET CODE" field paste the copied DIV and script code
Click “Save and Close” and then “Publish”.

After this, the created form will appear on the Tilda website page

Start now

Create a form that cannot be skipped
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Advantages of the form on QForm

Application processing system
Accept responses in the built-in CRM system. Track the status of application processing, use the filter for a quick search. Export to Excel if necessary
Access rights
Simplify the application management process by creating a group with individual participants. Share access rights through roles so that everyone deals only with their applications
All data is protected from spam captchas, intelligent spam filters. Connect Google Recaptcha to verify the user and protect against bots
File transfer capability
Use the upload field text and image files, videos, and music. All information will be available in the user's personal account