Create any shape with a convenient drag-n-drop constructor on QForm. Ease of use, intuitive interface, many functions and features will help you create a working feedback form and install it in CMS Bitrix, Wordpress, Joomla. Drag and drop the fields in the visual editor, use ready-made design solutions.

Examples of forms, questionnaires and forms

The QForm service has:

  • External integrations
  • Email and messenger notifications
  • Goals for analytics
  • Using your own CSS
  • Built-in captcha and more

Making a form on QForm for a site on Bitrix

Place a form component on the page to send data to CRM QForm.

For this:

Register on the service and add your website

Create a form and give it a name. It is displayed only in QForm

Switch to the design mode, add and configure the field types:

Drag and drop the Name and E-mail fields. Make them mandatory

Place the Phone widget.
Customize the field: make it mandatory, activate the use of a mask for ease of entering the number
Add images for the section. Choose location options or set as background. If necessary, you can disable display in the mobile version
Customize the design, field validation, anti-captcha, etc.

Go to the Embed Code tab

Copy the DIV to install the form and the script to call it

To place it on a new page in Bitrix, create a section through the site toolbar
Enter a name, check the add menu item box and click Next
Specify the location where the section will be displayed and click Done
Switch to editing mode, paste the DIV and script into the lower part of the window
To place it on an existing page, open the editing mode through the site toolbar and paste the code
Click Save, after which the created form will appear on the site.

Start now

Create a form that cannot be skipped
To begin

Advantages of the form on QForm

Convenient constructor
Specify the maximum attachment size based on specific tasks. Increase your work speed by saving disk space and memory
User roles and permissions
Simplify the attachment process - allow the user to attach multiple materials at once
Javascript events
Set the action after sending the request. Redirect the user to another resource, page, or show a message with a unique offer
Internal CRM
All applications they will be stored in the built-in CRM system. Track applications by status, export to Excel if necessary