Create quiz tests in a playful way through the QForm service. Set up questions in a convenient constructor that will prompt the visitor to choose a product. Process applications in the built-in CRM or export them to your own

Examples of forms, questionnaires and forms

The QForm quizzes have:

  • Integration with CRM
  • Width control
  • Email and messenger notifications
  • Sending goals to analytics systems
  • Antispam and more

Creating a quiz test to attract new customers

Post a quiz with testing on the site, engaging users in a dialogue with each new question

To do this:

Register on QForm and add your website

Create a form and give it a name. It only appears in QForm

Go to design mode, add and configure the required field types. To get a step-by-step form, create a separate section for each step

Place a “Text Block”. The field supports HTML code, using which you can add elements (headings, pictures, GIFs) and create an interesting way to start the quiz

For complex questions, combine field types.
Place a “Text block” with a description of the question, and next to it place the “One from the list” field with answer options
At the end of the quiz, ask the user to enter their data, where the survey results, links to useful resources and a reward (discount, promotional code) will be sent.
On the “Design” tab, go to the “Form Filling Steps” section and select one of the display options

Go to the “Embed Code” tab
Copy the DIV to set up the form and the script to call it, paste it into the website

The quiz is perfect for promoting training courses, where after choosing the “ideal specialty” the client can be offered an appropriate course

Start now

Create a form that cannot be skipped
To begin

Advantages of the QForm quiz

Applying your own styles
Disable the built-in QForm formatting and use your own CSS styles. Create a quiz in accordance with the design of your site
Quiz progress
Select the way to display progress: progress bar or completed steps, vertically or horizontally
Adding images
Set pictures for answer options to visually improve the quiz and the passage are more interesting
Using GIF animation
Place a text block at any stage of the quiz. You can add an animated GIF inside this block