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Callback to a website with quick installation and export of applications to any convenient platform



Order preferences

Order preferences

Call for a survey

Call for a survey QForm

Call for guests from other countries

Call for QForm

Call to messengers

Call to messengers QForm

Service Quality Call

Service Quality Call QForm

Help visitors with the choice to remove doubts about the purchase. Use the callback order form. Increase conversion and audience loyalty with instant communication. Drag and drop the required fields in the constructor, configure the form display and collect data into the built-in CRM system.

The QForm service has:

  • Internal CRM
  • Notifications to mail and messengers
  • Connecting external systems
  • Data validation
  • Sending goal achievements to yandex.Metrica and much more
QForm Constructor Settings

Making a callback form for the site on QForm

Call the form on the button and receive callback requests so as not to lose potential customers.

For this:

Register on QForm and add your website

adding a site

Create a form and give it a name. It is displayed only in QForm

name of the forms

Go to the constructor mode, add and configure the field types:

Place the "Text Block". The field supports HTML tags, using which you can add elements and set styles inside tags

setting up fields

Place the "Phone" widget. Configure the field: make it mandatory to fill in, activate the use of a mask for the convenience of entering the number

Setting up the field type

Add images for the section. Choose the location options or set as a background. If necessary, you can disable the display in the mobile version

Adding an image

In the display settings, select "Display the form as a pop–up"

Form displays

Go to the "Embed Code" tab

Copy the DIV to install the form and the script to call it, paste it on the site

After installing the code, a button will appear on the page that will open the form in a modal window

QForm Script

Get Started Now

Create an unskippable form

Advantages of the callback form on QForm

Built-in pop-up window

Built-in pop-up window

It turns on in a couple of clicks. There is no need to use third-party plugins and scripts to create a pop-up

Asynchronous sending

Asynchronous sending

Data is sent via AJAX in the background without reloading pages

Simple placement

Simple placement

Inserting the form is very simple. Copy the code inside the desired page or site element

Groups and access rights settings

Groups and access rights settings

Create groups for employees and assign roles depending on who can process personal data

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