QForm v 2.0

Обновлено: 12.07.2019


  • Improved the functionality
  • Conducted a redesign
  • Changed the logic of the work
  • Redesigned the page

Mobile version of your personal account

QForm v 2.1

Обновлено: 20.11.2019

Application page

  • Added the ability to delete a request.
  • Many customers have asked to add this feature.
  • Added the ability to leave a comment on the application by the site owner.
  • Also by popular demand.

My Sites page

  • Completely changed the design.
  • Added the ability to quickly view available access to sites. 

Site editing page

  • Completely changed the design.
  • The settings pages work without reloading the site.
  • The logic of personal data processing agreements has been changed.

Form List page

  • Completely changed the design.

Form Settings page

  • The constructor is placed on a separate page and completely redesigned.
  • More convenient control functionality + drag and drop.
  • The settings page itself is shoveled over.
  • The design has changed.
  • The settings pages work without reloading the site.
  • Added the Embed Code page to the form settings section, which clearly describes how to add forms to the site.

Update on the processing server

  • Legacy-the form processing service is rewritten to an asynchronous multithreaded microservice architecture using the Spring framework.
QForm v 2.2

Обновлено: 05.12.2019

  • Uploading files to the cloud storage.
  • The uniqueness of domains and aliases.
  • Fixing a bug with random field positions in the final form.
QForm v 2.3

Обновлено: 24.12.2019

  • Constructor on the main page
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Sending emails via a scalable email service
QForm v 3.0

Обновлено: 31.01.2022

  • Ability to create the same site multiple times
  • Rejection of library jQuery
  • Database on PostgreSQL
  • Export applications to EXCEL
  • View mode
  • Copying a form
  • Improved form design
  • Forms with sections
  • Form in a modal window
  • Complete code refactoring