QForm v 3.8

Updated: 04/03/2024

  • The personal account interface has been updated: the ability to create a space without a domain has been added, and quick access to sections has been provided.
  • We added the ability to use the same form both on qform.link and on your own domain.
  • We introduced a tariff and billing system to improve the ease of use and management of the service.
  • We implemented widget analytics for more detailed data analysis.
  • We have expanded the capabilities of the file upload field: now you can attach up to 10 files to your application, with a total size of up to 1 GB (no more than 200 MB each).
  • Video widgets have been improved: now you can see which of them are connected to each other.
  • Optimized the page for issuing access to groups and users.
  • We expanded the functionality of webhooks: we added the ability to send when a lead’s status changes.
  • Added fields when setting up notifications in Telegram and VKontakte.
  • Added the ability to display a form inside a video widget on Qform.link and share the link.
  • Fixed work with Cyrillic domains.
  • When exporting applications, a link to files attached to the application is now also available.
  • Added quick access buttons to space and specific form requests.
  • We added the ability to receive a direct link to the application for more convenient access to data.
  • We have changed the method of connecting to AmoCRM: now you just need to specify the portal address and token.
QForm v 3.7

Updated: 11/30/2023

  • Added the ability to display the entire list of forms with one line of code.
  • We have introduced various types of agreements that will allow compliance with 152-FZ.
  • We speeded up the work of forms and quizzes, added a preloader between the quiz steps.
  • We improved the integration with AmoCRM so that data is sent as a regular lead, without the need to fill out company fields.
  • Added a new “Randomizer” field to generate random symbols.
  • We added the ability to use the form and quiz in the video widget.
  • We redesigned the registration/authorization form.
QForm v 3.6.1

Updated: 10/10/2023

  • We added integration with Ozon ORD for marking advertising banners and sending statistics on impressions.
  • Fixed the copy quiz function.
QForm v 3.6

Updated: 08/17/2023

  • We changed the appearance of the personal account and introduced the concept of “Spaces” for websites.
  • Added notifications for actions by groups.
  • Added the ability to attach a video widget to a section.
  • Added the ability to use the “Other” option in the “Several from the list” and “One from the list” fields.
  • Implemented form analytics.
  • We connected the Redis caching service for fast loading of forms.
  • We made a preloader to customize the form.
  • We expanded the functionality of QForm.link: we added the ability to create multiple spaces, send a link to a list of all forms, add video widgets, and distribute rights.
  • Updated connection and work with Google Analytics 4.
  • We accelerated the process of setting up forms.
  • We used a form caching mechanism using redis.
  • Added previews of video widgets in your personal account.
  • We introduced a function for changing the order of sections in the constructor.
  • We optimized the process of creating a form/quiz in your personal account on the backend.
  • We added the ability to attach a video widget to the form, which will launch after submission.
  • We made icons of active integrations visible in your personal account.
  • Added a search function when selecting a region and time zone.
  • Added the ability to get a list of forms in QForm.link.
  • We expanded integration with AmoCRM: added the ability to upload utm tags and source to AmoCRM.
  • Added a notification icon for new requests to join the group.
QForm v 3.5

Updated: 06/16/2023

  • Added the ability to open a quiz in a modal window.
  • Added a search function by application ID.
  • We added the function of hiding the caption in the video widget, as well as the ability to display a timeline.
  • We shared the creation of a form or quiz in your personal account.
  • We expanded the variability of the number of displays of the video widget: always, once, three times.
  • We limited the display of the number of items in list fields to 10 copies.
  • Added the ability to change the duration of sessions during authorization.
  • We optimized queries in the site and form settings.
  • We refactored the integration connection with Bitrix24.
QForm v 3.4

Updated: 05/23/2023

  • We set up displaying a preview of the video widget on hover.
  • Added a preloader in the video widget when loading the page.
  • We set up video processing for streaming uploading to the site
  • We configured the video widget to play within the visibility area when displayed in the body of the page.
  • We posted a warning for users on Qform.link and a link to file a complaint about suspicious forms.
  • Now you can block the form if illegal actions are confirmed.
  • We launched notifications from the bot in the group chat.
  • Added the ability to change the number of applications displayed on the page.
  • We added the ability to use the client’s time zone to correctly display the time the application was sent.
  • We expanded the settings for the submit button and the modal window call button
  • We set up the ability to change the language and region for a profile, site, form.
  • We implemented statistics on disk space, the number of completed forms and accepted applications.
  • Added preview of uploaded files on the applications page
  • Added the ability to configure conditional transitions across sections and steps of a quiz.
  • Added language settings for system messages and form variables.
  • We launched an API to access QForm.
  • Added integration with AmoCRM.
  • We added the ability to customize fonts and colors for text elements of the form, as well as for fields depending on the state: on hover or in focus.
  • Added the ability to use webhooks to receive data from the form.
  • We added a connection to the VKontakte pixel for sending to analytics.
  • Added a setting for restrictions in the “Date” field.
  • We updated the authorization and registration interface.
  • We redesigned the list of video widgets, sites, forms, the “Integrations” tab, the Javascript events and Metrics sections, and also replaced the datepickers in the personal account.
  • We made a translation of your personal account.
  • Integration with Sendpulse is back
  • Added setting and sending notifications to the user via SigmaSMS.
QForm v 3.3

Updated: 12/21/2022

  • Working with files: Statistics and quotas.
  • Shuffle options in single and multiple choice fields.
  • Set the default option in the dropdown list and single selection field.
  • “Image” field for inserting pictures into the form.
  • Optimization of work when copying fields with images.
  • Optimization of the application list page.
  • Optimization of uploading leads into an Excel document.
  • Ability to change the main domain.
  • Google reCAPTCHA v3.
  • Template for a notification letter using form fields. Visual editor for design.
  • Display list options horizontally or vertically.
  • Disable video widget display after closing.
  • Improvement of work with referral links.
  • Validation of JS code for Yandex and Google purposes.
  • Added error collection component to Exception.
  • Sorting groups in your personal account.
QForm v 3.2

Updated: 10/06/2022

  • Filter applications by several statuses
  • Functionality for adding images in quizzes
  • Displaying attached files in the list of applications
  • Troubleshooting errors when uploading applications to Excel
QForm v 3.1

Updated: 07/08/2022

  • Video widget functionality
  • Multi-column grid
  • Adding images to single and multiple selection field options
  • Ability to set field width
QForm v 3.0

Updated: 01/31/2022

  • Ability to create the same site several times
  • Rejection of the Jquery library
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Export of applications to EXCEL
  • Preview mode
  • Copying a form
  • Improved form design
  • Forms with sections
  • Form in a modal window
  • Complete code refactoring
QForm v 2.3

Updated: 12/24/2019

  • Constructor on the main page
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Sending emails through a scalable email service
QForm v 2.2

Updated: 12/05/2019

  • Uploading files to cloud storage.
  • Uniqueness of domains and aliases.
  • Fixed a bug with random field positions in the final form.
QForm v 2.1

Updated: November 20, 2019

Application page

  • Added the ability to delete an application.
  • Many customers have asked to add this feature.
  • Added the ability to leave a comment on the application by the site owner.
  • Also by popular demand.

My sites page

  • The design has completely changed.
  • Added the ability to quickly view available access to sites.

Site edit page

  • The design has completely changed.
  • Settings pages work without reloading the site.
  • The operating logic of agreements for the processing of personal data has been changed.

Form List Page

  • The design has completely changed.

Form settings page

  • The constructor has been moved to a separate page and completely redesigned.
  • More convenient management functionality + drag and drop.
  • The settings page itself has been redesigned.
  • The design has changed.
  • Settings pages work without reloading the site.
  • An Insertion Code page has been added to the form settings section, which clearly and clearly describes how to add forms to the site.

Processing server update

  • The Legacy form processing service has been rewritten to an asynchronous multi-threaded microservice architecture using the Spring framework.
QForm v 2.0

Updated: 07/12/2019


  • Improved functionality
  • Conducted a redesign
  • Changed the logic of work
  • Rearranged the page

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