Free forms with built-in Pop-up (pop-up or modal window)

Pop-up call-back

Free forms with built-in pop-up window (pop-up or modal window)

Satisfaction assessment

Example of a pop-up feedback form 2

Calling the Wizard

Example of a pop-up feedback form 3


Example of a pop-up feedback form 4

Call Request

Example of a pop-up feedback form 5

Form of participation

Example of a pop-up feedback form 6

Create newsletter subscription forms and collect visitors' email in mailing lists or CRM QForm. Set up the form in a convenient constructor and paste it on any website in a few simple steps

The QForm service has:

  • Constructor with drag-and-drop function
  • Built-in CRM for storing applications
  • Connecting external services
  • Groups and roles with access rights
  • Notifications to mail and messengers and much more
QForm Constructor Settings

Making a pop-up on QForm

Create a pop-up form, publish it on your website and start collecting applications.

For this:

Register on the service and add the site to the system

Adding a website to the QForm service

Create a form and give it a name. It is displayed only in QForm

Name of service forms Qform

In the design mode, place the fields "Name" and "E-mail" in one line. Make them mandatory.
Add the "Phone" field below

Necessary forms in the QForm service

In the display settings, select "Display the form as a pop–up"

Setting up the feedback form

Copy the DIV to install the form and the script to call it and paste it on the site page

The scenario of general sanctity in the QForm service

In place of the inserted code, a button will appear that opens a modal window with the created form

Button for displaying a pop-up form

Get Started Now

Create an unskippable form

Advantages of pop-up forms on QForm

Built-in pop-up form system

Built-in pop-up window

It turns on in a couple of clicks. There is no need to use third-party plugins or scripts to create a pop-up window

QForm Features: Rights integration

Simple placement

It is very easy to insert the form on the website. Copy the code inside the desired page or site element

Sending forms without reloading

Sending without reloading the page

Data is sent via AJAX in the background without reloading pages

Adaptive display in the QForm service

Parallel loading

The form is loaded asynchronously, which does not affect the page loading speed

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