Create any form for your purposes and protect it from unsafe visits. Install a captcha that prompts the user to solve the problem, or use an improved version that performs validation in the background. Integrate the CAPTCHA module to combat malicious code and machine actions

Examples of forms, questionnaires and forms

The QForm service has:

  • Built-in CRM
  • Groups and access rights
  • Data validation
  • Using your own CSS styles
  • Goals for analytics and more

Making a form with anti-spam protection

Assemble the form and enable anti-spam protection using a regular or invisible captcha.

To do this:

Register on QForm and add your website

Get public (site key) and private (secret key) keys from the reCAPTCHA method. Go to the Google service and go through the site registration process:
- indicate the name of the shortcut, domain and owner’s email;

- select the reCAPTCHA type;

- check the box for terms of use; 

- click “Submit”.

On the page that opens, copy the keys

Return to QForm.

In the settings of the site where the captcha will be placed, open the “Google Recaptcha Settings” section. and select version:v2 – checking actions in the form of a test;
v3 – form protection in hidden mode without captcha.

Insert the keys into the appropriate fields

Create a form and give it a name.
It is only visible in QForm
Go to design mode, add and configure the required fields
In the form settings, open the Google Recaptcha section, check the “Use Google Recaptcha” checkbox and click “Update”
Go to the Embed Code tab.
Copy the DIV to set up the form and the script to call it, paste it into the site. After installing the code, a feedback form with reCAPTCHA protection will appear on the site.

Start now

Create a form that cannot be skipped
To begin

Advantages of the form on QForm

Customization of selection fields
For single and multiple selection fields, set the default value and enable the option that will place random options
Graphic elements
Set images for sections or use a separate Image field. Customize the size and design: layout option, frame with or without indentation
Formation of a notification letter
Enable email notifications. Assemble the template in the visual editor. Specify the class of the field for which data should be displayed in the template
File upload capability
Add a download function download files and view incoming attachments in one place. Filters can be used to customize the display for a certain period, by application number or file format