Collect the forms on QForm, post them on the website and start accepting applications. Connect the integration with Telegram for convenient and quick notifications. Create accounts, distribute them among employees, mark fields that will be sent via a telegram bot

Examples of forms, questionnaires and forms

The QForm service has:

  • External integrations
  • Using your own CSS
  • Adding Images
  • Data validation
  • Sending goal achievements to yandex.Metrica and much more

We make a feedback form and connect the Telegram

Set up the sending of applications from the site to Telegram and instantly receive data from the bot in a convenient form.

To do this:

Register on QForm and add your website

To do this:

Register on QForm and add your website

Enter any name and click “Create a token”
Copy the received code and send it to @QFormIOBot from the account where messages should be sent
Next, create a form and give it a name. It only appears in QForm
Go to design mode, add and configure the necessary fields:
Place the First Name and Last Name fields on one line
Drag the “Phone” and “E-mail” fields, place them on one line and make them mandatory

Open the “Notifications” tab, “Telegram Settings” section

Select the desired account from the list and mark the fields that will be displayed in messages. Set up the notification time: always after submitting the form or by time if the application is not accepted for processing

Go to the “Embed Code” tab

Copy the DIV to install the form and the script to call it, paste it into the site

After installing the code, a form will appear on the page with data sent to Telegram

Start now

Create a form that cannot be skipped
To begin

Advantages of the form on QForm

Internal CRM
Incoming applications can be processed inside the QForm cabinet or exported to other services. Smart sorting is available, changing the status of requests, a comment thread
Email notifications
Accept applications for e- mail. Specify the addresses of the recipients and specify the subject of the letter. Set up and use your own template for notifications by creating it in the visual editor
Integration with messengers
Connect Telegram and VK to receive notifications. Create a template with the necessary fields that will be displayed in the body of the letter
Using captcha
Protect the form from spam and bots. Choose the type of captcha to check: regular with a test task or hidden based on user behavior