Offer agreement of service

Qform intl LLC Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor") provides services in accordance with this agreement to any person who applied for the provision of services (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer"), collectively referred to as the Parties.

The text of the Contract is a public offer. The proper acceptance of this offer is considered to be the performance of all actions specified in the Agreement. Unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of this Agreement is considered an action indicating the Customer's agreement with the Contract: registration on the Contractor's website.    This Agreement, concluded by accepting this offer, does not require a bilateral signature.


1. Basic terms and definitions.

Service - a service provided under the contract by the Contractor.

The Contractor's website is a collection of information resources of the Contractor available via the Internet. Website address:

The Customer's website is the Customer's Internet resource accessible via the Internet, on which the QForm Software Product is installed.

Tariff is a document accepted and modified by the Contractor in accordance with the procedure established by the Contract, and containing information about the types of services provided by the Contractor, the order of their order and cost.

Registration is a set of actions of the Customer, namely the provision of their data and the initial introduction of a Login and Password. When registering, the Customer provides such data as surname, first name, patronymic (if available), mobile phone and email address.

The Customer is an individual or a legal representative of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, an Internet user, in particular the Contractor's website, who accepted the offer and concluded this Agreement.

Personal account is a web page on the Contractor's website that provides an opportunity to register and use the Contractor's services.

Credentials – the Customer's credentials, namely: surname, first name, patronymic (if any), login and mobile phone.


2. Subject of the Contract.

2.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with access services to the QForm software product owned by the Contractor, as well as to provide other services related to the Customer's information and computing services on a paid and free basis in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. The Customer undertakes to use the services provided in strict accordance with the terms of the Contract, as well as to pay the Contractor for the services provided in the cases provided for in the Contract.

2.2. A prerequisite for the provision of services in accordance with this Agreement is the acceptance, compliance by the Customer and application to the relations of the Parties of the requirements and provisions defined by this Agreement.

2.3. All information posted by the Customer, including his personal data, is stored on the Contractor's server, and the Customer agrees  for the placement, storage and processing of information by joining this Agreement.


3. The procedure for the provision of services.

3.1. For the purpose of registration in the Personal Account, the Customer fills in the full name and indicates his e-mail address in a special registration form. At the request of the Customer, the Customer has the right to fill in the additional form of his date of birth and gender.

3.2. The Customer forms  Login and Password independently.

3.3. The Customer confirms the accuracy of the data specified by him and the fact of registration in the Personal Account by entering a Password.

3.4. The fact of Registration in the Personal Account means the full and unconditional acceptance by the User of the terms of this Agreement from the relevant time.

3.5. All actions performed in the Customer's Personal Account are considered actions performed by the Customer.

3.6. Access to paid services provided by the Contractor is carried out only after the User makes a payment to the Contractor's settlement account.

3.7. The Service is considered paid from the moment of receipt of funds to the Contractor's account and is valid until the expiration of the period for which it was deposited.

3.8. During the period of termination of the provision of paid services, the User can use only free services provided by the Contractor.


4. Using your personal account.

4.1. The Customer, through his Personal Account, has the opportunity to:

4.1.1. Receive information about the Contractor's services.

4.1.2. Select, connect/change services using your Personal Account.

4.1.3. Receive and transfer documents to the Contractor.

4.2. The Contractor has the right to:

4.2.1. Change the list of Services in the Personal Account.

4.2.2. Suspend, change the procedure for granting or terminate the provision of access to the Customer's Personal Account in case of violation by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement, as well as in cases provided for by applicable law.


5. Rights and obligations of the parties.

5.1. The Contractor undertakes:

5.1.1. To provide the Customer with access to the services of the company QForm, including paid services, subject to their payment by the Customer, as well as the entry of additional personal data in accordance with clause 5.3.1.

5.1.2. Not to disclose, not to transfer information to third parties about the Customer and his actions in the Personal Account, except in cases provided for the Personal Data Processing Policy in force in the company and posted on the website

5.2. The Contractor has the right to:

5.2.1. Refuse to grant the Customer access to the Personal Account, in case of violation by the User of their obligations under this Agreement or in cases provided for by applicable law.

5.2.2. Suspend the provision of paid services at the expiration of the period for which the service was paid, until the Customer makes the next payment in accordance with the Tariff.

5.2.3. To restrict access to the Personal Account (including using automated systems) in order to implement the obligations of the Contractor to protect information established by the current legislation.

5.2.4. Make changes to the Personal Account in connection with the introduction of new products and services, as well as provide access to new services without prior notice to the Customer.

5.2.5. To change the terms of this Agreement unilaterally without prior notice to the Customer. The old version of the Agreement ceases to be valid from the moment the new text of the Agreement is posted on the website.

5.3. The User is obliged to:

5.3.1. Provide reliable data during Registration and, when using the Personal Account, provide reliable Credentials about yourself, as well as reliable data of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, if the Customer acts on their behalf. If necessary, use the paid services of the Contractor - fill out a form with additional information about the Customer, and pay for services in accordance with the Tariffs posted on the website /.

5.3.2. Perform actions in the Personal Account on behalf of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur only if there is a power of attorney issued by these persons before the moment of performing actions in the Personal Account. A power of attorney to represent the interests of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur must be provided by the Customer no later than 3 (three) working days from the date of receipt of the Contractor's request to his e-mail.

5.3.3. Ensure the safety of Password information and information contained in the Personal Account. When using the Personal Account, until the moment of receiving information from the Customer about the violation of the confidentiality regime, all actions and documents committed and sent using the Personal Account, even if such actions and documents were committed and sent by other persons, are considered committed and sent by the Customer. In this case, the rights and obligations, as well as responsibility, come from the Customer.

5.3.4. Be responsible for all actions taken through the Personal Account that took place after the Customer's registration in the Personal Account.

5.3.5. In cases of using the free version of the QForm software product, indicate yourself as the operator who processes personal data, as well as determining the purposes of processing personal data, the composition of personal data to be processed, actions (operations) performed with personal data, indicating the rules for processing personal data adopted by the Customer in its activities and bear all obligations of the operator.

5.3.6. In cases of using the paid version of the software product, the QForm service does not collect information about site users that is not provided for by the Personal Data Processing Policy adopted by the Contractor in its activities and posted publicly on the site /.

5.3.7. Be liable for any violation of the obligations established by this Agreement, as well as for all consequences of such violations (including any losses or damages that the Contractor may incur).

5.3.8. Not to use the services of the Personal Account to perform any actions contrary to the current legislation.

5.3.9. Independently monitor the changes made by the Contractor to the Contract, and take measures to comply with the conditions contained therein.

5.4. The Customer has the right to:

5.4.1. Use the Personal Account in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


6. Personal data.

6.1. The Customer consents to the Contractor for automated and non-automated processing of personal data provided by the Customer during registration on the Website, as well as during the use of the Personal Account, as well as for the processing of personal data by third parties on behalf of the Contractor.