Create a form with an attachment and add the ability to attach additional files: photos, screenshots, text documents, archives, videos and audio. Drag and drop the required fields in the constructor, configure the file upload widget and collect data into the built-in CRM system.

Examples of forms, questionnaires and forms

The QForm service has:

  • Internal CRM
  • Email and messenger notifications
  • Connecting external systems
  • Data validation
  • Sending goal achievements to yandex.Metrica and much more

Making a feedback form with an attachment on QForm

Add a widget to ask the user to attach a photo, document, or resume.

For this:

Register on QForm and add your website

Create a form and give it a name. It is displayed only in QForm

Switch to the design mode, add and configure the field types:

In the design mode, place the Name and E-mail fields. Make them mandatory.

Drag the Text (paragraph) field to enter comments

Place the File Upload widget. Customize the field: specify the maximum attachment size, check allowed extensions and multi-download support
Customize the widget's design and elements

Go to the Embed Code tab

Copy the DIV for installation and the script of the feedback form with the attachment of the file for the call, paste it on the site

After installing the code, a created feedback form will appear on the site

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Create a form that cannot be skipped
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Advantages of the form on QForm

Attachment size
Specify the maximum attachment size based on specific tasks. Increase your work speed by saving disk space and memory
Simplify the attachment process – give the user can attach several materials at once
Attachment type
Get rid of unnecessary work and accept files of certain types. Select only the formats that you need
Design settings
Design the appearance of the loader. Select the attachment method via the button or field, set the preloader view