Create and use any forms without a website and post them on QForm via a direct link. Set up the necessary fields in a convenient constructor and collect applications in your own or built-in CRM system.

Examples of forms, questionnaires and forms

The QForm service has:

  • Decoration and design
  • Managing markup
  • Connecting external systems
  • Data validation
  • Changing the message after sending and much more

Making a form without a website on QForm

Accept requests from customers even without a website.
Create a form and post the link on social networks. 

For this:

Register on QForm and go to the My Sites section

Use the QForm.Link website
Create a form and give it a name. It will appear as the form title
Add and configure field types: Place a text block.
The field supports HTML tags, using which you can add elements and set styles inside tags. In our case, this is a title and useful information for the client
Add fields based on the goals of your form, which will help you collect more accurate information about the client's wishes. In our example, these are Date and Time fields placed in one line, which enter details into the client's request
Add the “Name” and “E-mail” fields to indicate the data to whom and where the response from the manager will be sent
Selectively or make all types mandatory.
Click on the link button to open the finished form
In the window that opens, copy the address and share the link to the form
After that, all applications will be sent to the internal CRM and stored in your personal account

Start now

Create a form that cannot be skipped
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Advantages of a form without a website on QForm

Social networks
Expand communication with customers. Add a link to your social media form and start receiving feedback
Internal statistics
Use the built-in CRM-a system to systematize the processing of applications and quickly assess the overall picture by tracking statuses
Form preview
During editing, evaluate the form by going to the preview tab. Make sure that the form has the required form
Instantly find out about new applications. Connect Telegram, VK, and e-mail to receive notifications. Create a template with the necessary text and fields that will be displayed in the body of the letter