Add videos to the site via the QForm service. Add variety to the content and engage visitors with an interesting video about the company. Download the video, customize the display and insert the widget in a few simple steps.

The video image has:

  • Display Settings
  • Fast asynchronous loading
  • Customizable button on the video
  • The ability to post any number of videos

We post videos on the site using a video widget

Record a short video about the company together with employees, customers and opinion leaders.

For this:

Register on QForm and add your own сайт
Go to the Video Widget tab to create an element
The widget setup looks like this:
Name the widget and attach the video file to the upload field. If necessary, give a description виджета
Choose the type of video display based on your goals. For example, vertical. It will be fixed in the lower corner in the form миниатюры
You can add a button with a target action to any video. Its appearance can be linked to time, and the text can be changed depending on контекста
After completing the settings, add the widget. Copy the code and paste it on сайт
Go to the Settings tab, open the Embed code section, copy the script and paste it into the site inside the tag
After all the settings, a video will appear on the site, fixed in the corner of the page

Start now!

Create a video widget that will engage and retain the user
To begin

Advantages of a video widget on QForm

Website personalization
Create a company image. Add videos with real customers or employees to make the business more lively for visitors
Impression management
The video is played either immediately after loading the page, or by click, time, event
Viewing statistics
Analyze statistics of views and interactions with videos in your personal account or send data to Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics
Gallery of videos
Place multiple videos when displayed in content. It can be customer reviews or a series of related stories