Video Gallery

Form Preview

Create a block with a video on the site through the QForm service. Place several widgets one after another to get a video gallery. Upload the video, adjust the display type and insert the widget in a few simple steps.

The QForm video image has:

  • CTA button
  • Display Settings
  • Integration with analytics
  • The ability to install anywhere on the site
Video Gallery in QForm

We place a video gallery using a video widget

Create an interesting selection of videos, united by meaning or subject

For this:

Register QForm and add your website

Website registration in QForm

Go to the "Video Widget" tab to create an item

The video widget tab in the QForm service

The widget setup looks like this:
Name the widget and attach the video file to the upload field. If necessary, add a description of the widget

Setting up a video gallery

Choose the type of video display based on your goals. For example, in the body of a page with a vertical orientation or in a square

Type of display of video image forms

You can add a button with a target action to any video. Its appearance can be tied to time, and the text can be changed depending on the context

QForm action buttons for video review

After completing the settings, add the widget.
Copy the code and paste it on the website

Video Gallery Script

Go to the "Settings" tab, open the "Embed Code" section, copy the script and paste it into the site inside the "head" tag

After all the settings, the video will appear on the site in the specified location!

Example of a script for a video gallery widget

Get Started Now

Create an unskippable form

Advantages of video gallery QForm

Background loading of the widget video

Asynchronous loading

The site loading speed does not decrease. The widget loads in the background, after the site is fully loaded

Adaptive display in the QForm service


It looks great on any devices. If necessary, you can disable the display function on mobile devices

A simple form of video widget integration

Managing impressions

The video is played either immediately after the page loads, or by click, time, event

Correctness of display on all CMS

Works on all CMS

The widget is easy to install and correctly displayed, regardless of your site's management system

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