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Choosing a computer

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Quiz furniture order

Example of a quiz without a website

Renovation of premises

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Legal services Quiz

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Market research

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Quiz kitchen selection

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Create Quiz on the QForm service, even if you don't have a website. Set up the fields with questions and design in a convenient constructor. Send the link to social networks, messengers and email and start collecting data in the built-in CRM.

QForm quizzes have:

  • Sending notifications
  • Data Protection Law Compliance
  • Connecting external systems
  • Preview
  • Spam protection and much more
Variant of QForm fields

Making a quiz without a website on QForm

Create an interesting quiz and share the link on all social networks to promote your business.

For this:

Register on QForm and go to the "My sites" section

Adding a site to QForm

Use the Qform.Link website
Create a form and give it a name. It will be displayed as the title of the form

Creating and naming a quiz without a website

Add and configure field types:
Add "One from the list" or "Several from the list" fields. Specify the title, complete the items with answer options and attach images. In our example, for convenience, the client chooses a specific format and location for a photo shoot

Adding Quiz fields

At the end of the quiz, ask the user to enter their data. In our example, a confirmation of an appointment for a photo shoot and a discounted price will be sent to the client's email

Entering quiz data without a website

On the "Design" tab, go to the "Form Filling Steps" section and select one of the display options

Variation of the progress bar in quizzes

Click on the link button to open the finished form

Displaying the finished quiz

In the window that opens, copy the address and share the link to the form.
Creating quizzes using Qform.link is suitable for people working without a website, or in cases when you need to quickly conduct a survey among a group of users

Example of a link to a quiz

Get Started Now

Create an unskippable form

Advantages of a quiz without a website on QForm

Combining field types in QForm

Types of fields

Combine fields of any type depending on the purpose of data collection and the type of quiz

CSS styles in the QForm service

Customizing Styles

Design the fields and buttons, control the location of the elements of the quiz form

Storage and processing using CRM

Data processing

Store responses from users in the CRM system of the service and track the status of applications

Creating an unlimited number of links

Unlimited link creation

Create any number of links to quizzes for different purposes and share them without restrictions

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