Order Form

Universal order forms for goods and services

Product Order

Example of a website order form

Registration of delivery

Example of an order form 5

Delivery of goods

Example of payment form 4

Product order form

Example of payment form 4


Example of an order form 5

Product purchase form

Example of payment form 6

Make functional and flexible order forms through the QForm service. Set up the fields in a convenient constructor, connect the necessary integrations and use the form on the website or by following the link without a website. Process applications in the built-in CRM or export them to another one.

The QForm service has:

  • Forms with the ability to upload files
  • Managing markup
  • Built-in captcha
  • Data verification
  • Analysis goals and much more
QForm Service

Stages of creating an order form in Qform

Develop a simple order formula to choose the way to get the most desirable and minimum needs.

For this:

Register in QForm and add your website
Create a form and give it a name.

Registration form

Set the fields in the designer mode as follows drag the type "drop-down list" add items to select items next to sort type "number" enter quantity

Define Fields

Then paste "name", "email address" into one line.types "mail", "Phone":
Rename the submit button, for example, "order".

Field placement

Make all fields mandatory:

Select the type of formatting of the elements-size, degree of rounding, as well as the display parameters of the elements, notifications during verification, button style

Customization service qform

Click the Insert code tab.
Copy the DIV to insert the form, and the script to invoke it, paste it into the site
As a result, the created order form will appear on the website

Script Introduction

Get Started Now

Create an unskippable form

Add the benefits script order form on QForm


Javascript Events

Set up the submission with the achievement of the goal and add an additional JS code that will perform some action after the successful submission of the form


Internal CRM

Incoming applications can be processed inside the QForm cabinet or exported to other services.

Responsive design

Responsive design

The form elements dynamically adapt to the size and orientation of the screens , remaining convenient on any device



Set up notifications via messengers, mail or SMS so that you don't miss a single order

Built-in pop-up form system

Step-by-step form

Add new sections for convenience and make the process step-by-step

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